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The Black Friday Opportunity Is Massive!

I’ve been running Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BF/CM) campaigns for my clients for over five years. Every year around October, it gets incredibly busy for me and my clients as we anticipate the end of Q4 and the busy holiday buying period.

Time and time again I see businesses wait until the last minute to plan a BF/CM campaign, ending up with a half-baked approach, lackluster offers, and less than stellar results. 

Many businesses dont even bother to run promotions as they think the BF/CM holiday isn't relevant to them or they don't know how to maximize this massive sales opportunity.

Businesses that do run successful campaigns know just how much preparation is required to take advantage of this buying period.

I created this course to help businesses save time, reduce overall marketing costs, and drastically increase revenue.

Never miss out on this opportunity again!

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Black Friday Dominator Contains The Roadmap and Pre-Built Creative That I Wish I Had Every Year At This Time.  Access The Strategy, Training, Ads, Emails, And Templates That Will Help You Save Time And Maximize Your Holiday Revenue.

What You Get With This Course: 
  • Video tutorials walking you through every step of the Black Friday Cyber Monday marketing strategy
  • An image and video ad library with various ad sizes and PSD files (300+ ads)
  • Pre-built email sequences that are fully customizable (7 and 19-day)
  • Access to an exclusive, private Facebook group

Cut Through The Clutter And Implement Proven Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

You Will Learn:
  • How to create a strategy to generate the highest return on time and spend 
  • What marketing actions to prioritize in order to maximize BF/CM revenue
  • How to compose a winning offer that will cut through the noise
  • How to formulate a holiday budget and where to spend the money to maximize your returns
  • How to fill your sales funnel with quality leads
  • How to develop relationships with people who have come into contact with your brand, but never purchased
  • How to grow your brand and expand your reach 
  • How to optimize your website and sales process
Get Black Friday Dominator

Jill Coleman

Founder -


Bryan Spunt

Senior Director of E-Commerce - Topson Downs


Matt Winston and Erich Litoff

Co Founders - Stan Winston School


Frequently Asked Questions

Black Friday Dominator is not for everyone.  Your business should be generating at least $10,000 a month in revenue and you should have a working knowledge of Facebook ads and email marketing.

No, there is Facebook ads training in this course but you need to have an understanding of Facebook ads in order to best take advantage of this course.  


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