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Must-Do Marketing: Facebook And Instagram Ads 6 Week Coaching Course

For Business Owners Who Want To

Succeed Online!


Learn step-by-step how to get started using Facebook ads to grow your brand, build your list, and turn your casual followers into loyal customers.

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I created this live online coaching program as a “done with you” Facebook and Instagram strategy course because I know that most entrepreneurs fall into one of two categories: 

  1. You understand how important ads are and you want to start running them to your current offerings, but you don’t know-how, the learning curve is extremely steep, and you’re worried about wasting your time and money.
  2. Or, your business is bringing in enough revenue and you would prefer to just outsource your ads and strategy and not have to deal with any of it. 

For those who want to learn and try doing it themselves, THIS 6-week course is the perfect solution. It’ll help you understand how to create and set up your ads, with me in your back pocket as your ads expert for questions, to help troubleshoot on the fly, and give you the insights you need to get your ads working effectively. 

The course is six weeks of up-close-and-personal strategy work with me, in your ads account walking you through exactly what to do and how to tweak things as needed.

Nothing like this exists in the digital space and I’m so pumped to be able to offer this resource at such an affordable investment and in an accessible way for beginners and intermediate online business owners.

My goal is to teach you the fundamentals of strategy, ads, and analytics so if you continue to run your campaigns on your own or you hire someone to run them for you, you now have the knowledge and foundation in place for success.  

6 Weeks Of Live Online Training

And Q&A

A total of 12 live sessions (6 trainings and 6 Q&A sessions) will be recorded and published in our private Facebook group.  This training will also include checklists and worksheets that you can use as you go.


LIVE Zoom Training

Two LIVE calls per week where you can ask questions and get real-time feedback

Private Facebook Group

Exclusive group support and community access to get additional help and support

Video Content Library

On-demand coaching call recordings and additional trainings


Course Details


If you are frustrated trying to learn Facebook ads or can’t afford to hire an agency to manage your digital marketing, my Must-Do Marketing Course is for YOU! 

In this 6 week course, I am going to be working with you every step of the way and teaching you the exact strategies that I use with my clients. 

We will meet live on Zoom twice each week.

Our Thursday Live training workshops will cover topics such as building your digital strategy, Facebook ads, how to set up audiences, and more.

Our Tuesday Live call will be a Q&A call where you can get help on anything related to that week's training or a previous week's training.  

Here's What We Will Cover Each Week In The Must-Do Marketing 6 Week LIVE Coaching Course:


Week 1. Facebook Business Manager and Pixel

Week 2. Ads Manager and Audiences

Week 3. The Funnel, Copy, and Creative

Week 4. Setting Up Ads Week 1

Week 5. Setting Up Ads Week 2

Week 6. Reading Results and Optimizing

*BONUS Training* Omnipresent Advertising 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Andy Franco

Is a digital marketing and media expert with over sixteen years of experience increasing revenue and building brand loyalty for clients in the e-commerce, health and fitness, entertainment, and gaming industries.

Founder of Livesurge, a Facebook and Instagram Advertising Agency, Andy specializes in training and educating entrepreneurs and established brands on how to build, grow, and sustain their online businesses.

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